Asslamoallikum girls,

Eid is just around the corner.Soon everyone would be rushing to salons for a quick hair cut or a long since postponed facial.However,there are busy moms among us,some students and other busy girls who can not go to salons for a facial.If you ask me,after years and years of going to salons for a facial I have come to one decision....If you can do it at home why go out.You know its best to do it at home with your own metallic instruments and clean sponges rather then sharing it with hundreds of other clients.I hope you are getting my point.
SO here is my very own step by step guide to facial at home.I will also list the products I recommend and their herbal substitutes.



1)-A small towel and a large towel for steam.Put it around your shoulders and neck to prevent dripping.If your sister or someone else is doing it for you then keep a large towel under head to keep things clean.

2)-A head band

3)-A small tub or bowl for water.Keep this bowl of water near you and put the sponges in it.This way you wont have to rush to your bathroom to rinse off the creams.Just sponge off and clean the sponge in water.

4)-Cellulose sponge:These sponges are better at cleansing and wiping then ordinary ones.They are gentle and washable.Easily available everywhere nowadays.

5)-Cleanser:A good cleanser like Nivea visage cleansing milk,VLcc cleanser or dermacos cleanser.Noxzema cleanser if you have very oily skin.

6)-Scrub:I recommend Hollywood style whitening scrub or St Ives apricot scrub.(The  Naturally clear type if you have Acne).If you have very sensitive skin you can use St ives olive scrub.

7)-Hollywood style face polish

8)-Your favorite face wash.

9)-Massage cream:I recommend using Dove white cream for normal skin.There are so many great massage creams by St Ives.Almond oil with a few drops of lemon work great as a herbal massage medium.If you have sensitive skin use almond oil alone(In Pakistan,qarshi almond oil is great).Add a little milk if you like.

10)-TONER:Tomato juice or toner of your choice.I prefer tomato juice, because it tightens skin,shrinks pores and reduces oil.Dilute with half cucumber juice if you have sensitive skin.For dry skin you can use rose water and glycerin.If you are using a toner make sure it is alcohal free.Because alcohal dries out skin in a bad way.

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

Clean and Clear Astringent

Liz Earle Instant boost Skin Tonic

Boscia Toner

11)-MASK:Hollywood style whitening mask.Freemen lemon and mint clay mask.If you don't want to use these just use Multani mitti(Fuller's earth).For herbal options you can use a egg white mixed with a teaspoon honey.If you have dry skin use a creamy mask or peel off mask.

12)-A black head extractor.

13)-Bleach if you have a mind of bleaching you facial hair.I use jolen but it is very mild.Golden girl works better.

14)-A pot of hot water to be used when steam is required.



Take a dollop of cleanser in you hands and apply it to wet face.Rub a little.Then take a cellulose sponge and wipe it off to take off the dirt or makeup residues.Now take a little more cleanser and start massaging and rubbing.

If you want to bleach your face,this is the point where you do it.Apply bleach let it work for 15-20 minutes.Then remove using water and cleanse.


After cleansing thoroughly and removing the cleanser with the sponge.Dip the sponge in the water bowl and get on with scrub.Take a little in your hand and apply on forehead,cheeks and chin.Now wet your fingers and start rubbing in circular motion.Be light and gentle.The grains should not feel harsh against you skin.Whenever you feel the slipperiness decreasing apply a few drops of rose water or plain water to face and keep rubbing.Do it for 5 minutes.
If you have some problem areas,where number of blackheads is high,then massage these areas in circular motions more.This will loosen up blackheads.
Using a little baking soda on the area as a mask for 5-7 minutes loosens up the blackheads too.If you have sensitive skin then use with caution, though.If you feel itching,burning then take off immediately.

You can make a scrub by mixing fine ground almonds in milk.Another great scrub is castor sugar in olive oil.


Steaming the face during facial can get amazing results.It softens and moisturizes the skin and open up the airways if done correctly.However,steaming is recommended in mild seasons and winters only.
If you are taking steam it is best to use a steamer.

If you don't have a steamer just put water in a sauce pan.Bring to boil then ,after taking it off the stove,place it on table over a mat.Now take a large towel.Cover your head with it.Gently bend over the sauce pan.

Maintain your distance from the pan to avoid burns.Now take steam for 10 minutes.Then,with the towel still on your head and face,remove pan from towel, relax backwards and let the towel cool before removing.If you take off towel immediately after taking steam,the cool air might cause airway tightening, sinus pain and headache.If not done carefully,steam can cause more harm then good.


There are a number of Face polishers available in the market nowadays.These are basically fast acting scrubs with smaller grains and instant brightening effect.I have used one by Hollywood style and highly recommend it.
Just take a little amount and use it all over face like a scrub.Since we have already used a scrub for a good 5 minutes,Use this one for 2-3 minutes only.You can also skip the scrub part if you want and use this one for 5 minutes.
If you have sensitive skin then skip this step.


Take the extraction tool and gently extract and remove the blackheads.Make sure you don't injure the tissue causing it to bleed as this might leave a scar on face.In the untoward case of bleeding,dab on the site with a tissue to stop the bleeding.After you are done with your facial, apply Clina gel or duac once daily gel.This will ensure that the blackhead doesn't become a nasty pimple.
One masters the art of blackhead extraction gradually.Just be gentle.
When not in use put the tool in Dettol or pyodine for 5 minutes to disinfect.


Here is how to use it.The blackhead should be in the middle of the circle.The more equal the pressure on all sides, the better it comes out.If it starts bleeding leave it there, otherwise infection can spread and cause ugly pimple.


Take a coin sized amount of your face wash and rub it on face.After cleaning and rubbing thoroughly remove it using a sponge.Do this step for just a minute as it can cause over drying.


Apply tone over the face especially the areas where extraction was done and leave it for 10 minutes.


Take your massage cream and start massaging.Wet you hands and massage in circular motions.Start from forehead and massage the face completely. The more you massage the better will be the results.Typically,massage should be at least 15 minutes long.

Below is a detailed pictorial of how to do facial massage.Follow all the steps and you will be amazed with the glow and rejuvenation.

Easy to remember:This is how your massage movements should be.Never go in the wrong direction because it can cause early aging.


Honey makes a good massage medium.Milk and a little almond oil make a good massage medium for dry skin.It has whitening effect too.


Wipe off the massage cream.Take the mask in a bowl.Add a little rose water.Adding rose water has a very refreshing effect.However,if your mask is already too thin,you can skip the step.Apply the mask all over leaving under eye and eyebrow and lips.Now.....RELAXXXXXX


Mask1:2tablespoon Fuller's earth mixed with a little rose water.
Mask2:1 Egg white mixed with a little honey
Mask3:2 tablespoon Yogurt mixed with 1teaspoon honey
Mask4:2 tablespoon Crushed orange peel mixed with 1teaspoon and rose water.

Remove the mask after it dries.Immediately you will feel that your skin is refreshed and soft.The glow and whitening will follow the next day.If you want a herbal or whitening facial just change the products accordingly and you can get the salon quality facial.


That's it ladies.I hope this post will help you look daisy fresh and petal smooth on EID day.Did you find it useful?Do let me know.kudos to all.


  1. great articles, very helpful for me to be lovely wife for my hubby... and also to be nice moslema...thanks

  2. assalamualaikum
    great job i love ur blog it is very very informative for me as well can u tell me where i can i get hollywood style face poolish in lahore

    1. Thankyou so much for the love <3 You can get it from Rahat dept store cantt Lahore,Victoria link road Lahore,Swera shadman Lahore.

  3. great post very helpful but extractor left red veins on my nose have any idea to get rid off

  4. Cold pack(cotton or cloth dipped in cold water or a water bottle containg cold water) can help alot.Also try to use a soothing mint mask.It will also reduce redness.

  5. Thanks for this post! This is awesome

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