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I hope you all are doing great.Here I am with another DIY post.It is about home decor again :) I had this old candle stand which was not exactly a beauty even when it was new.So I decided to do a little experiment and here is the result:

It was not very difficult to do this project actually.I just took off the flowers on the stand and painted it white with spray paint.The stand was left to dry while I worked on decorations to be put on the stand.

I read a few weeks ago about using plaster of Paris to coat fabric flowers leading to a porcelain like arrangement .So I gave it a go.The ugly flowers which were cut off from the stand were given a stone look by dipping them in plaster of Paris.


1)-I start by removing the center from flower.It made fitting a candle in the center easier.I also opened up the petals a little.An open flower of course means better coating with plaster and better finish.I left a little stem with all the flowers to make the attachment with the stand easy later on. 

2)-Then I just mixed a little plaster of Paris in a bowl with water.The ratio of water to POP will be mentioned on the packet.If not just add a little water(3-4 tablespoon) at a time and mix.Your aim is make a thin mixture.Consistency should be like thick milk.

3)-Then I dipped the flower in mixture and coated it evenly.Then hung the flowers on cloth line with clips and placed a newspaper under it to protect the floor from dripping pop.The flowers were placed in upside down position to ensure that excess pop was removed and flowers took a better shape.

4)-After 15 minutes I placed the candle in the center of flower and arranged petals loosely around for support.I was very gentle or the pop would have crumbled.Then I left the flower on my work station to dry.

[NOTE:Throw away the left over pop mixture in a flower bed or gravel.If you pour it down the drain it can block the whole system after setting.]

5)-I waited over night for drying.When the flowers were completely dry I touched to check.One flower did not do very well and crumbled.So,I just cleaned it of chunks and let it stay the way it was.You can see that pale pink flower on the stand.It is dry and hard, but looks like fabric so it turned out ok after all.

6)-Using a thin wire(for flower making available at craft stores) I secured the flowers to the stand.Then using flowers from an old stem my kids had destroyed I made an arrangement in white and pink.

I was very careful not to place any fabric flower in the line of flame.If you take a look you will see that most flowers are placed below the candles.

7)-The little pine cone was an old relic and I placed it on too ^_^.Here is the final result.


I hope you girls like my little project.I really enjoyed making it.I never expected it would turn out this pretty or would have snapped more photos of the process.

I am sorry there aren't any photos of the POP application procedure, because it sets in a matter of minutes so I could not take photos.However,I have mentioned all the important points and if you want to do it with old,misshapen fabric flowers you will be able to do it easily.

Next week I will be back with more DIY posts.Stay tuned.



  1. wow! this is soo cool and pretty! awesome job :)

    Sadia Malik's Blog

  2. wow nice post you are so talented MA :)
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  3. It looks like Spring after Autumn! That was thorough :)
    Keep it up!

    The Beauty Finds

    1. Thankyou TBF ^_^ that was the most beautiful description :)

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    1. Thankyou Rachna.and this is calls for a big thanks to my kids for letting me ^_^

  5. om i mean so creative you are wow

  6. oh my my.......awesome.....super liked it hun....xoxoxoxo.....:)


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