Hi girls,

So here I am with yet another product which promises so much that it has been christened wonder pencil.Did you know about it?Basically 
It is a nude pencil that comes in three shades.

 NYX says:

"Wonder woman meet wonder pencil,....conquer three critical makeup tasks with one pencil:Conceal flaws and blemishes with creamy precision,Line your lips against feathering and bleeding of lipstick,Brighten your eyes along the waterline.Will wonders never cease?"

So here is the story of how I got it.Actually I was thinking over the simple tip of lining waterline with white pencil,which open the eyes and gives an awake look.Almost every one interested in makeup knows it.However,here is a teaser:does it work for us yellow Asians?In fair races the low melanin levels in skin impart a light pink or pale look to mucous membranes and lips.The same applies for waterline too.So if they line the waterline with white their eyes look open and awake.However,for our pinkish to beige waterlines the white liner can look a bit out of the new trend is nude liner on the water line for an awake yet natural look.Therefore I searched and searched until I found this one.

I had two other options:a concealer pencil that comes with hard candy glamoflauge.I didn't know about its staying power.Another cheap alternative was Rimmel Scandal eyes kohl in nude.I am still not sure about animal ingredients in Rimmel products so that brand is on hold for me.

So lets see how wonderful is the wonder pencil...



Bare waterline

with nyx jumbo pencil in "milk"
Awake but a bit unnatural for daytime

With nyx pencil.
sorry for the eyebrows.I was trying to grow them for a proper shapin

I got this pencil in PKR from in PKR 850.Here is the post.The pencil comes in a weight of 0.04 oz and size is roughly 5 inches long.

It is creamy in texture and gives a matte finish.Color is the perfect nude for my waterline.See swatch how it blends in the skin.

I do need a good hand cream.Do suggest some.

It does an ok job of concealing and lip lining.It has a small tip and is very matte.In my opinion a concealer performs better if it is creamy so I didn't like it much in concealing.In lip lining it was fine,nothing special.It felt like a wastage of the product to use it on lips where a concealer works great.Then I sharpened it(hygiene reasons) for use on waterline which was the intended purpose for me.

It is not in stark contrast with my skin so looks very natural.It is still bright enough to draw attention to waterline making the peepers pop.

In the photo below I have compared it with NYX jumbo pencil in "milk".Observe how eyes look open, but unnatural with white lining.However,nude lining gives just the right amount of brightness to make the eyes look open yet natural and believable.

Waterline lining

I use it on waterline daily.One swipe is not enough and you have to go over the line twice or thrice for proper lining.It does feel a little dry since its winters, but warming up solves the problem.It coats my waterline in a bright flesh nude color giving an instant open-eyes awake look.

Perfect makeup is the one which doesn't show and brings out the best in your look.So this is that perfect pencil, which without standing out,makes your eyes look bigger.

Now the stay time.I can vouch for 3-4 hours.After that the color fades and loses the brilliance.On my waterline staying this long is a pretty good job.Maybe it has a high quantity of bees wax so repels water a little.Even after the color has faded the repelling effect persists.It is not very important, and happens with every pencil meant for waterline.However,girls with sensitive eyes do take note of this one.

It does not irritate my eyes which is a plus.I have sensitive eyes so this point is very important.


1)-Looks very natural.

2)-Probably the only nude liner in the market except Rimmel Scandal eyes which is not an option because of animal based ingredients.

3)-Stay time is pretty good.

4)-Does not irritate the eyes

5)-Cruelty free.According to a list of vegan friendly cosmetics by NYX this is free of ingredients derived from dead animals.Contains bees wax and lanolin.

6)-It is a multi tasker.This point if kinda lame :P


1)-Price is an issue.It is costly for a pencil

2)-Availability can be a problem.

3)-You have to swipe a few times to get the pigment on the line.


So what do you girls think of this pencil?Have you used it?What is your favorite pencil for waterline?

Stay blessed and pretty.


  1. Nice finding, u have added one more option, it is expensive, so that's a tie btw Rimmel n this here, let's see what I decide upon. Thanks for a very detailed review, which is ur trade mark btw.... Much love

  2. Every little thing adds to the over all look! :) Nude definitely is works better over white for us Asians. I just wish it was more affordable! x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. seriously i agree with you.I wish I could get it for less.Magiclamp has some strange way of placing price tags.sometimes defies all logic :p

  3. Nice review...and this pencil looks great... but is a bit expensive... Thanks for the detailed review :)

  4. this looks more natural..NYX milk is over hyped we have so many other options as well.....nice review

    1. Thankyou shafaq .NYX milk is so fat it always pokes in my eyes ...ouch :p

  5. looking nice but very expensive u may check essence eye pencil too, its very good and the price is Rs. 180 only.

    1. yes dear i sometimes really want to try essence but i have not looked into their animal ingredient policy.Thankyou for the suggestion i will def check it out.

  6. Nice review but this single pencil is very expensive. :)

  7. looks good i have the one from rimmel!

  8. Nice are right hun its a bit expensive....and glad to know that we share the same skin type...xoxoxo....:D

  9. lovely post as always shehrzad <3 i get the same result by putting a nude color pencil on my water line and then top it with white pencil ... do try it !

  10. Thankyou are a sweetheart <3 i will surely try the tip :) Thanks :)


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