Contouring is a very important part of makeup.This art can help you bring out that X factor in your face which simple makeup can not achieve.High cheek bones and a shapely forehead with a beautiful prominent chin is not only popular in west ,but even Asians favor them while looking at over all beauty aspects.When I learned to give contouring its long due importance, my eye shadow kit failed to provide me with the true rich brown required to chisel and contour face without making me look orangish.So,I got this palette by sleek.It comes in three shades:Light,Medium and Dark.I got medium.

Was it a good decision?Was the shade "Medium" a good match for me?Read to know:


I got this one for PKR 1100 from

The Palette is housed in a beautiful black case.I give the packaging 10 on 10, because it is very sturdy,high quality and elegant looking.The shiny SLEEK embossed on lid gives it such a nice sophistication.Also the palette is very travel friendly.You can take it along where ever you go.

Now there are basically two colors.The brown color for contouring and  champagne for highlighting.

The quality of both the powders is pretty impressive.These are super fine and glide on skin almost like a cream product.A great point is no fall outs.[You see fall outs in contouring powders can wreak a total havoc in your look.Nobody like to have brown spots on face :) ] 

I found the brown powder a little tricky to blend.It is so fine that it just clings to the skin.It is so dark that one wrong stroke means having to use a makeup wipe.So in the beginning a light hand makes thing very easy.If you take too much it would result in harsh lines and the softer look will be difficult to achieve.My trick is to apply it in a line with wedge sponge or fingers and blend with a clean brush.

The highlighter is a beautiful pale champagne color.It is not peachy and not very golden either.It highlights the required area softly and subtly.I even use it in day time as well when I need a subtle glow on face.I call this highlighter a savior from "dead matte".It shows a fine sheen which looks absolutely natural(photo below).

Stay time is 5-6 hours on my very oily skin.I am sure it would be more on dry to normal skin types.

with contouring                             without

I am NC 30.See how it looks on me.

Contour and Highlight

I like this palette a lot.I think this one gives the high end brand contour and highlighter powders a run for their money :) I would call this palette a BEST BUY and would recommend it to all girls with medium skin tone.Also I would like to give it a super heart.


Have you tried this palette?Are you a believer in power of contouring?


  1. i totally love the results .. n u look great :)

  2. Wow imprssive... loving it now <3
    Lovig ur hidden smile ;)

    1. Thankyou Fakhra :) yeah had to crop the photo.I would love to share the full shot but dont know how to make the photos copy-free :)

  3. Great review! I totally adore the power of contouring n love this little kit for this purpose! x

  4. Loved the effect <3
    BUT why in the world some pictures just won't open. :@

    1. thankyou Wardha :) Aww I dont know why you are facing this problem.Kindly refresh your browser after clearing cookies.Have you encountered this problem on any other website or on this blog before?Do you use internet explorer?

  5. Wow....amazing.....Love the glow on your face....Gorgeous pix dear.......xoxoxo....^_^

  6. Lovely haul!! just at the right time when i am looking for a contour and highlighter kit for myself and im surely gona buy it. :) thanks aapi <3


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