Love for motherland is indeed a great force.It binds you to your very roots.It gives you strength to make the right decisions for your country.One of best possible gift we can give to our children in today's turbulent times is teaching them to love Pakistan no matter what.The ideology and the pain which went in the making of Pakistan should always be clear to our next generation.They should always know that when its about your homeland its not foolish to wear your heart on your sleeve.To feel passionate about your country makes you a better citizen and a great human.

Last night while on facebook I came across this wonderful advertisment.It portrayed the innocent patriotic love for Pakistan so well that it literally had me in tears.

I liked it so much that I am sharing it with you guys on my blog so that you can feel that flood of emotions too and refresh your love for Pakistan.

May we all be able to love our country and spread the love.
Do watch and share your views in the comment box.
                   Stay pretty and blessed

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