3rd December 2016:

The Body Shop International, one of the most ethical beauty product brand on the planet, has launched its new perfume range “Elixirs of Nature” with Pakistan’s first official brand activist, Maya Ali.The event was a beautiful tropical theme party to which yours truly was invited ^_^ .

 So, read on to know more about the perfume range,the event and the goody bag that team body shop so thoughtfully gifted to the bloggers attending.

Zaisha Shamsi,Zoya Khan,Nimra Bukhari,Sana Bukhari

Inspired by the world as a source of beauty, The Body Shop has an iconic legacy of pioneering captivating cruelty-free fragrances. In the next chapter in its olfactive story, The Body Shop blazes  a new trail with its Elixirs of Nature range.

Truly out of this world, these four immersive new eau de perfumes are authentic interpretations of some of the planet’s most precious natural scents. Aromas that without protection, might disappear from the world altogether.

Using non-destructive technology, the essence of each illusive botanical is extracted without harm, allowing them live on, just as wild as nature intended them to be.  With mysterious names ( Swietenia, Bowhanti, Nigritella, and Kahaia) these unique eau de parfums are like a youthquake in a bottle. Each one a truly indie-vidual fragrance that will set you apart from everyone else on the planet. You’re one spritz away from being transported to some of the most breathtaking scentscapes on Earth.

"I am so excited to be the brand activist of “Elixir of Nature” specially after getting to know about head space technology which is being used to extract natural fragrance out of some of the rarest flowers on the planet  without damaging them and in all honesty I fell in love with all of them after trying them”

Maya Ali added a bit fun to the event by making the first sale of the pulse store from behind the till.

Maya Ali with team body shop emporium mall

CEO Constantine PR Najaf Nade Ali with regional management of The Body Shop Pakistan

Simmi Jahangir(Constantine Pr) looking all gorgeous [first from left]

Sultry beauty Maya Ali stealing hearts at the launch ^_^

 The event was definitely of international standards and was a one of kind experience which was attended by journalists, bloggers and media personals.

In the end lets take a peek inside the care package we recieved **drum roll**

Thankyou Constantine PR and The Body Shop for this beautiful gift.Reviews will be coming as soon as we are done testing :) For more updates,events,fashion and life in general follow us on-->
Stay pretty and blessed

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