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Most of us love chicken and almost all of us love Nando’s Chicken .When it comes to grilled chicken no one does it like them.To cater to the ever evolving taste buds of its lovers Nando’s is introducing an exciting new basting flavor, called Mango and Lime. This flavor launch is a critical milestone for the Nando’s Pakistan market. 

Since its inception, Nando’s has had the same basting flavors offered to its customers, Lemon and Herb, Mild, Hot and Extra Hot. Now we are introducing a whole new flavor for Nando’s. So new customers can experience its unique taste while existing customers can enjoy the Nando’s all over again.

What is unique about the flavor is that it is a combination of two very different tastes that are distinctly identified by our tongue. Sweet & Sour. 

Heat Level: On the PERi-ometer. The heat level of the flavor is the same as Lemon & Herb, thus not very spicy. 

Nando’s arranged a blogger meet up and tasting session last week.The motive was to let all the chicken lovers know what to expect when they order at Nando’s.

The mango flavour is particularly dominant in Espaetada & butterfly Chicken.This sweet turn of flavour is really a must try if your palette has graduated from the same old boring flavours.Also we loved the chicken wings which were more along the lines of glazed wings with prominent lime notes  making it a tangy affair overall.

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