Sugar waxing is the now "in" technique in the world of hair removal.It is cheaper,easier and  a lot less messy then ordinary waxing.

I have been doing sugar waxing for over 3 years now.The amazing thing is that it reduces overall  hair growth.Also the frequency of waxing is reduced over time because hair start taking longer to grow.

It takes at least 4 weeks for hair to appear.So its better than all the other techniques of hair removal when you just get the hang of it.

                                                              SUGAR WAX


i)-2 cups of sugar

ii)-1/4 cup water

iii)-1/4 cup lemon juice.

iv)-Stirring spoon

v)-Glass jar with a lid

vi)-Cooking pot with thick base for even distribution of heat.

vii)-a Clock

a lot of patience :-)

  1. Mix lemon juice ,sugar and water in the pot.Put the cooking pot on stove. Medium flame.Stir, stir, stir.
    Let the mixture come to a boil.

   2)-   Then reduce the heat to lowest possible.Now all you have to do is stir and wait with patience.

   Keep stirring.

   4)-   Cook for  a total of 25 min.

The mixture  will change its color from white to pale yellow to honey color.

You are almost there.

Now when the mixture turns amber color.Remove the pot from stove.



   5)-  Let cool for  a bit.

   6)-  Now pour the mixture in a clean glass jar.

   7.  Put on the lid

and voila  your wax is ready.When you want to use it just microwave it for 20 seconds.


This is a little tricky.

1)-Take a small amount in your hand .

2)-Roll it in a ball.

3)-Put the ball on the area you want to wax.

Google images

5)-Spread the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.(This very important as it makes waxing super easy).

Google images

6)-Now with gentle tugging movement remove the wax in the direction of hair growth.

Google images

You will be amazed with the results you see.With this method you  can remove even  1/8 inch of hair.Because  you are waxing in the direction of hair growth,risk of folliculitis,pimples or rashes will be minimized.


1)-If the mixture turns out hard.just add a table spoon water and microwave until its hot.

2)-One ball of wax can be used to wax as long as its sticky.I wax my whole arm with one small ball.


  1. Interesting. I am totally looking into this. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm so trying that out tomorrow. Thanks a ton!!! I hate going to salons for waxing.

    1. just like my lil we used to do it at home for her

  3. I am not a DIY kinda person but you make it seem so easy

    1. well I take it as a compliment mademoiselle <3


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