I searched on line and came up with five best cleansers as recommended by 

vogue.I bought the only one available in Pakistan.

This cleanser is allergy tested.100% fragerance free.

Cream cleanser for drier, delicate and sensitive skin.

It is none other than...


                          CLINIQUE COMFRTING CREAM CLEANSER  


I have acne prone oily skin and I really wanted to buy a good cleanser. 

 I got it for PKR 3300(pricey for a cleanser) but, I wanted to try it so

 much that I decided to spend the money.It is available at all leadng cosmetic 

stores in Pakistan.

The cleaner comes in a tube of 150ml with a pop open lid. texture is verryyy creamy.

 It has a faint scent which I didn’t like(smelled like a drug).

A small amount is sufficient for whole face.


 The cleansing  power is AHMAZING. It removed all the dirt, traces of makeup, and 

even kajal from my under eyes so well that i was convinced that it really was the best 


The product is so creamy it literally glides on skin. You can even use it for massage

 because, it doesn’t dry out easily.

I had to wash my face with my face wash to get rid of the oily feeling it left. 

Also I noticed that whenever I go to sleep ,after cleansing ,without washing my face I 

get  small whiteheads or one or two pimples.

However,my face feels so thoroughly cleansed, soft and supple with this cleanser that I

 really enjoy applying make up the next day on clean skin.

One thing I noticed when using the cleanser is that it loosens up the black heads,making 

them easy to be removed(normally I face difficulty in removing  black heads).The 

reason must be that it removes the dirt completely and debris build up in pores is 


Even for this reason alone I will  recommend it to the oilies.(but you have to wash 

your face with a  face wash afterwards or it might cause a breakout).

The product is very hydrating and definitely recommended to people with dry skin.


Yes .i would like to have it in my cosmetic closet.


The only bad thing is ranges from PKR 2800 to 3300 at 

different stores. Very pricey.(But a small amount is required for

 cleansing ...It took me one and a half month 0f daily cleansing to

 use half the bottle)


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