Oriflame is a sweden based ,relatively new company in Pakistan. They are still 

operating through consultants and products are not available in store yet. 

I got my face wash from online shopping store) for PKR 850.

I decided to try the whitening range of oriflame because I felt my skin was losing its 

glow and complexion was a little dull. 

Among the whitening face washes available, this one  was a little affordable and it also

 promised to be made from natural products.



The product contains liqourice extracts+whitening complex.

All skin types

My experience:

I was really excited to try this product, because the company promised  that its all 

natural. Also, after ponds whitening face wash this is the first whitening cleanser I was 

about to try.

Well, I don’t like the packaging. It would have done better with the pump dispenser. The 

cap has to be screwed open and increases the chances of spillage and pouring out too 

much product.

It is a thin, runny white liquid. I applied it directly to my face but it didn’t lather. 

However, after rubbing and rinsing off I felt my skin was definitely softer and there 

was this glow which really brightened up my complexion. 

I felt it left a residue on skin like Neutrogena foaming facial cleanser but just like 

Neutrogena the feeling went away when my face dried. It felt squeaky clean.

 The pleasant shock came when I looked into the mirror. My skin was glowing. It really 

did seem rejuvenated. 

I have oily skin with open pores on cheeks and this face wash really gave my face a

 clean look. so I like it for this.It suits all skin types.It doesn't cause break outs at all.It 

also helped fade the blemishes and red marks on my skin,which is really a good job 

because clearing up of acne marks usually takes ages on my skin.

After first use I realized that you have to lather it in hands and then apply to face(my 


Just out of curiosity, I looked up the ingredients used in this face wash to check if it 

really was all natural. Here is the list, along with the information I gathered about 


  1. Cocoglucoside        -------    skin conditioner,emollient,lowest irritant score of all 
                                                        the chemicals used in cosmetics 

    2.Sodium laureth sulfate-------foamnig agentless irritating then sodium laurel sulfate 

                                                        but it causes damage to hair follicles   and skin if used 

                                                         over period of time. Has a  drying and irritant effect.

3.Peg-7 glycerol cocoate-----skin conditioner,emollient ,emulsifier. can be lung 

                                                       eye, skin irritant

    4.Glycerine oleate       -----    emulsifier.used as a lubricant  

    5.Styrene/acrylate    -----       used as film former.large partcle can not penetrate 

          copolymer                          skin.not an irritant in animal testing

   6.Imidazolidinyl urea  -----     antimicrobial preservative.

  7.Phenoxyethanol        ----       antibacterial.FDA warned.may be a neurotoxin.

8.Peg-6 caprylic/capric -----used to reduce loss of water from skin and to 

     glyceride                                   thicken the product .non hazardous

  9.Propylene glycol       ----   increases other chemical’s penetrability in skin. However 

                                                     up to 50% conc is allowed in cosmetics

  10.Methyl/ethyl/butyl ----    preservatives. Linked to breast  cancer but no  conclusive


                                                   evidence. Environmental hazard    proved                   



   11.Butylene glycol    ----   gentle non irritating moisture retainer. Very safe

  12.Butyl phenyl methyl----   fragrance ingrediant.allergenic substance if   used above


                                                   certain concentration

  13.Hexyl cinnamel       ---     safe in low concentration

 14.Sodium metabisulfate,----prevent dterioration of cosmetic.if used in low 

         soium sulfite                    

                                                  concentration its safe. It doesn’t   penetrates the skin


                                                   because of its charged nature so it’s not toxic.

 15.Disoium EDTA         -----     used to stabilize and preserve  cosmetics.increases 

                                                     penetration of other substances in skin. Used in low    


                                                    concentrations in skin so not toxic


16.Benzyl salicylate       -----  FDA approved

 17.Lactic acid               -----excellent whitening agent. Mildly exfoliates, removes 

                                                build up of dead cells. Widely used in whitening products

 18.Sacrifraga serimentosa---strawberry begonia. Has anti inflammatory properties

 19.Vits vinifera             ----             grapes, anti inflammation

 20.Morus bombycis     -----           mulberry’ healing properties

 21.Scuttlaria baiclensis  -----         Baikal skull cap flower, use din Chinese 

                                                              medicine for  treating skin conditions

So I can conclude that its not all natural and contains some very harmful  chemicals.


However, having said that, it would be unfair not to mention that most of these 

ingredients are used by a whole lot of other companies as well. So, its really hard to 

avoid them when they are so ubiquitous .

This face wash doesn’t at least uses harmful WHITENING chemicals. Those are all 

natural especially lactic acid. Also,  it delivers what it promises which  is  fair 

rejuvenated skin.

I have used half of my bottle as u can see. my skin is up to two  tones fairer and soft 

and fresh looking.My husband complemented me on the glow in my skin so many times 

that I will buy this product agian just for this...lolz


Ummm yes.


Well, it is a little pricey hence the 4/5.


  1. i really like your thinking of getting one for myself.
    have you used the loreal wwhitening facewash.if so,can you compare the two.?because i m very sensitive about my skin.:)

    1. yes I have .The whitening effect of loreal is much more noticeable.Skin becomes clear,radiant and whiter.Also it is a little drying so its good for oily skin.HOwever,when I stopped using it rebound effect was very disappointing.It has very strong bleaching agents perhaps which made darkened my skin a lot.Oriflame is milder and rebound darkening is not very pronounced.

  2. Thanks for the lovely review Amna <3

  3. Thanks for reviewing Oriflame's Optimals whitening foaming face wash. It is certainly a great review. I am a consultant at Oriflame and besides this i also use their products. I really love their products and the results are really awesome.
    Please do check my blog too.

    and thansk again for the lovley review

  4. may be t works out 4 u bt it realy made ma skin super duper drier....n igot pimples on ma clear skin

    1. every skin type is different so may be you had some allergy to some substance in it.actually this facewash has disodium EDTA which basically increases penetrability into may be something else in your regimen uesed along with this one caused irritation.i have real acne prone skin and get break outs all the time bt with this i had no such complaints
      try suits most people

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  6. v helping review,i will try it


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