Mince Potatoe Masala/Alloo Qeema With a Twist

Aloo qeema is a very common dish that we make at home,Sometimes it can get a little 

boring.  This aloo qeema recipe has a nice twist to it.Read on…

                                   Aloo qeema with a twist


 i.Mutton mince(fine done three times in the machine)    1/2kg

ii.Potatoe                                                                             3medium
   Cut in big cubes

iii.Green bell pepper                                                            3cut in cubes

iv.Onion                                                                              1medium

v.Milk                                                                                 half cup

vi.Turmeric powder                                                             1 teaspoon

vii.Ginger garlic paste                                                          1tbsp

viii.Red chilli powder                                                             1teaspoon

ix.Salt                                                                                    to taste

x.Cooking oil                                                                        1/2cup    


1).Put the mince in a sauce pan. pour enough water to cover it completely. Add       

   1teaspoon tumeric.Put on stove. Bring to boil once .Now drain water. 

   This will ensure that no bad smell is left in the mince. 

2).Pour warm water again to cover the mince. 

3).Add 1 onion chopped.1teaspoon ginger garlic paste.

4).Let boil for 10  minutes. When done drain in a sieve.

5).In another sauce pan pour oil. Let it heat up now add onions chopped. 

6).After they become tender .Add ginger garlic paste. Sauté .Add mince and fry until

 its brown. 

7).Add milk half cup.Fry again until brown. 

8).Now add potatoes and half a glass of water. Cover the sauce pan and let cook.

9).After 10 minutes remove the lid and add bell pepper.Now add the salt and red 

chilli. Cook for 5 to 10 minutes.

10).Dish out.garnish with ginger and serve

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