Every mother loves her baby and wants the best for her.We always want to make safe choices  

for our children to keep them away from any possible harm.In every household with 

babies,feeding bottles or feeders are used.But,did you ever realize that you might be feeding 

toxins to your baby through the feeding bottle.Horrifying concept..Isn't it?But what you don't 

know is that so many mums in Pakistan are doing just this by choosing feeders that contain 



Bisphonol-A or BPA is a chemical used in the production of hard plastic food containers like 

baby bottles and feeding cups.This chemical has been used for over forty years in plastic 

industry  but,recent research has raised some seriouse concerns over safety of  BPA,especially 

in pregnant females and young babies.BPA mimicks estrogen in body.Like a fake key fitting in 

the loose lock,BPA fits itself on estrogen receptors.


A lot of research has been carried out on BPA in the past 15 years.

"The feotus(developing baby in uterus) is extremly sensitive to BPA..One hit in a brief
window of sensitivity can alter the future development of baby".Says Professor
Fredrick VOm Saal,from biology department of Universty of Missouri,Columbia.

Ican cause:

 Future infertlity-It passes from mother to baby through placenta and mimics the behavior 

of estrogen.Even low levels of exposure can cause lasting effects on reproductive and metabolic 

development..Even low levels of exposure can cause lasting effects on reproductive and 

metabolic development.

Behavioural Problems-Several studies have found that even extremely low levels of 

BPA cause changes in brain structure  and behaviour in rats,which show the same reaction in 


Cancer-exposure to BPA in early infancy increases the risk of breast cancer and 

prostate cancer.


The WWF is calling for a ban on BPA.This chemical causes endocrine(hormonal disruption). 

Feotus,babies and Children are at the highest risk from this chemicals because they are at 

critical stages of development.Any hormonal imbalance has pronounced long lasting effect on 

babies' health even if we can not see it now. 

So,what can the parents do in this situation.We are surrounded with plastic containing BPA. 

Still,there are some steps you can take to minimize the exposure of your babies to BPA.

1)-Try to choose bottles which are BPA free.
   SOme BPA free bottle brands are here and here.

2)-Discard bottles and cups at first sign of wear and tear.Throw away bottle when it    becomes cloudy or you see a scratch.

3)-Do not put very hot,boiling liquids in your baby's bottle.Alwasy put in luke warm
   water or milk.

4)-Never  microwave your baby's feeding bottle.

5)-Dont leave your baby feeding bottle in direct  sunlight. 

6)-Beware of BPA in other containers you use around the house.BPA containing plastic 

    (polycarbonate plastic) is light weight,hard and clear plastic.It has number Recycling Symbol 

    written on the label.Products with  1.2,and 4 recycle symbol are unlikely to contain BPA.

    (Products with number 3, and 6 do not contain BPA but still contain carcinogens,lead and 

    phthtalates).So,stay away from number 7.

7)-Also use ceramic,glass and steel containers more around the house.

8)-Use glass feeding bottles.They are the safest.The glass bottles are really not very 

    fragile and can be used easily.

UPDATE:I have been using glass bottle for two months now and only one broke,that too by 

falling from a high shelf.


Pacifiers are made of silicon so,they don't contain BPA.Also mostly the toys are made from 

BPA free plastic.

In the end,I would like to add that there are companies adding other harmful 
chemicals like 

BPS to earn the claim of being BPA free.SO,wouldn't it be much more safe to use glass bottles?

I am seriously considering it and will go for it.(update above).May God keep our babies healthy 

and safe.Ameen

So,if you have any questions and concerns leave comment.Share this post for the good

of your loved ones.


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  2. Nice post,... I buy everything from Avent for my baby... I have stopped buying cheap plastic containers for storage. I've replaced everything with good quality plastics and glassware.

    1. its really nice to hear farah that you are applying your knowledge to keep your baby safe.this is what all the mothers should do.

  3. such a great piece of info .. thanx for sharing <3 :)


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