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The other day  I was watching a F-R-I-E-N-D-S  re-run and Jennifer Aniston was 

telling her friend what to expect as her pregnancy progresses.

She said,"Your feets will swell,your ass will get bigger...**sniff** GOd its such a 

magical time".I laughed real hard on this.

NO doubt pregnancuy is a magical time.Nature chooses you to nurture a miracle.You 

become a doorway between spiritual and mortal world and bring a soul in this world.A 

new human being.A new member of the family and society.But,all the mums would 

agree that the road to this greatness is not easy.

I went through all the annoying and at times painful symptoms but the most difficult 

time for me was the first trimester.Morning Sickness and nausea all day long.This 

condition made me hate everything around me.I hated the sight and smell of 

food.Even the sight of Tea,my special cup of happiness, revolted me. 

It was a sad and hard time for me.However,I learned that there were a few things that 

helped me alot.So,I would like to share my experience with all expecting mums.

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1)-Never stay empty stomach.Although,psychologically, the temptaion to remain 

     empty stomach is great,doing so will precipitate the nausea.Dont remain hungry for 

     long.Eat a little of whatever you feel like eating.

2)-Morning sickness is a common symptom.To prevent this keep a bowl or plate of 

    bland or salty crackers like slanty.Eat some before leaving bed.This will work in two 

    ways.First,you will not have empty stomach.Secondly,you will not have low blood 

    pressure(an important cause of nausea). 

3)-If you feel like you will throw up no matter what,try smelling a little lemon slice.It 

     helps reduce the nausea.

4)-Although,people will encourage you to drink plenty of juices etc but,if  you are not 

    having alot of vomiting and dont need alot of fluid replacement then stay away from 

     juices.This is because juices increases acidity level.All th foods which increase 

     acidity cause nausea.

5)-Low blood pressure causes nausea.Staying hungary causes low blood 

     pressure.So,keep up the energy level and your hydration level.Drink  plain

     water to maintain fluids in body.

6)-Pregnancy causes severe heat intolerance.In the month of july,I had severe nausea

      when we went to murree.As we gained altitude and environment got cooler, 

      miraculously my nausea went away.So,try to stay in a cool place if your nausea is 

     out of  control.

7)-Avoid caffein and tea.They aggravate nausea.Avoid refined sugar and grade A 

     carbohydrates like white flour.Take proteins and complex carbohydrates. 

8)-Ginger helps relieve nausea.If you cant take ginger tea try ginger flavored 

     cookies.You can prepare ginger tea by peeling ginger root and boiling it for 10 

     minutes.Add brown sugar and lemon juice.Drink iced.

In the end all I can say is that nausea goes away with time and even if it doesnt,it will 

reduce gradually over time.It is most common for pregnant females to experience 

nausea in the first trimester(first three months),due to rising hcg (human chorionic 

gonadotrophin-a hormone which  maintains pregnancy).Vomiting or nausea gradually 

go away after  third to fourth month.

 If your nausea and vomiting dont go away,or you have severe vomiting even in the 

start,you can always take prescription medicine.Consult your doctor and dont ignore 

the condition. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance,caused by prolonged vomiting,

can be dangerous for you and your baby.

Motherhood takes alot of sacrifices and the process of giving will began when you 

first come to know about your pregnanacy.The status of motherhood,although very

 difficult to achieve, is the most exalted  in the world.The feeling of holding your little 

bundle of joy at the end of the tough 9 months is priceless. 

I am proud to be a mum :)

PS:Thank God I am over with this nausea phase done with pregnancies. Phew ^_^

I hope this experience helps the expecting moms.If you have any tips and anti nausea 

remedies do share.


  1. thanks for sharing i will consider your email in those days :)

    1. hahaha.after wedding season comes the baby season :)

  2. This is such a nice post! Great info :)

  3. Great info and remember those days...YUCK.

    <3 Marina

  4. lovely post I dont even want to remember those days ufffffffff was so terribly sick.and morning sickness was the worst. I'll keep ur tips in mind for the next time lol and listen I'm so jealous that ur over with pregnancies :) as I have to go through it again.

    1. hahaha.honey this is what i think for u know one can never be too sure. :)

  5. Ur first para made me true:) nature chose us:) Loving the post, wish could have read this in my first pregnancy so I wont have dehydrated myself to death and then spent 10 days under observation counting movements of my little being and then finally split open for C-section but God chose that way for my baby to come in this world...U know what my experience was so BAD that I don't want more of it :/ But I hope Allah will bless me with allot of courage which I need...and ur prayers too

    1. thankyou for your kind words sparkle.Your experience sounds scary and traumatic :( Being a mother is not easy at all.I pray that may Allah bless you and give you the courage you need.Good luck :)


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