Hello pretties,

Spring is almost here,thank God.Its the perfect time to go out and about flaunting your glowing skin.However,if you have an issue of oiliness,acne,open pores , suntan and unsightly marks then you would be definitely interested in today's post.

When it comes to skin issues I am a great believer of healing power of nature.Turmeric is a very potent Indian spice is greatly known for its anti inflammatory properties.In its full strength it can be a little too much for skin to handle on regular basis,but centuries old Indian herb medicine(Ayurveda) offers great many ways to avail full benefits of turmeric without harm.The mask I am sharing is an ayurvedic fairness mask which was used by brides to be for glowing skin, but now its benefits in fighting acne are well recognized too.

This mask comes from your kitchen and is extremely easy to whip up especially in Ramadan,lolz.

Ingredients are as follows:


Gram flour(besan).  1 table spoon

Turmeric.                  1/2 table spoon

Plain water.               For making paste

Rose water

DRY SKIN:Yogurt.                    1 tablespoon

OILY  SKIN:Lemon.                    4-5 drops


Mix well.Apply evenly in preferably a thick layer.Let dry.Then rub off in circular motion.Wash face with cool water.Rubbing off the dry paste helps remove facial hair and reduces them over a period of also helps improve circulation.

After using this mask I can feel mild tingling and improved circulation in my skin.Some people with dry skin might notice a little tightening so you can add a drop or two of almond oil.I mix it with a little Ubtan( from Saeed Ghani) to add some moisture.

Since this mask has to be dried completely before taking off it is highly advisable to keep face relaxed to avoid wrinkles.

This mask is tried and tested by me and my sister.It is an ages old recipe directly from Granny's book of herbal masks and is very commonly used in Pakistan.I never believed in its power until I tried and I will ask you to do the same.

That's all ladies.I hope you girls like it.Finally I would like to add that this mask is as good as its frequency of use.If you use it thrice weekly you will notice reduction in facial hair,improved complexion,even skin,tightening of pores and a natural glow.

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Thats all for friday.Hope you have anawesome weekend.Stay tuned for my next post on a long lasting drugstore eyeliner.

Stay blessed.


  1. I can vouch for this recipe! Tried and tested for years!! Love it!

  2. I've been using this DIY mask for years and it's very effective. I even use it on my arms and feet, excellent for getting rid of tan.

    1. I used it for facial hair and I was surprised by the results

  3. I have been using this mask since sooo long!! It's very effective!

    1. If you use it then you do know how totally awesome it is ^_^

  4. Wow thanks for sharing. It sounds great, would love to try it out :D

  5. Used to do it in my gonna start using it again! :-D wonderful post dear :-)

  6. Oh I almost forgot about this mask! I used to make it all the time a year ago and I agree this really is tried and tested but does dry my skin out a bit so I tend to add a little oil to it! ;)

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. yes.A few drops of almond oil do wonders :)


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