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Season is changing and so are the moods :) This beautiful weather with approaching spring makes everyone smile and want to enjoy life.As Valentine's day is approaching I thought it would be very appropriate to do a post on a lip product.So today in spotlight is "Lily Cole Lip gloss" by The Body Shop.I love "The Body Shop".It is my number one most favorite brand.It is vegan,promotes community trade and always delivers its promises.Here are other posts on the TBs products.
Although I am partial to TBS(no secrets there)I never invested in any of their lip product.So this time I decided to buy a pink lip gloss from the Lily Cole collection.So was it a good decision?Read to know...

I got it from a TBS sale in PKR395(Original price is about 790pkr..Here is a the haul post.

The gloss comes in a soft plastic tube with a beveled nozzle for application.I love the scent of this gloss.It smells like strawberries only more heavenly if possible :).You can smell  that faint juicy scent even from a distance.

The consistency is a little thick.It does look to a be a bit sticky and I was expecting that tacky feel on my lips, but was I in for a surprise or what.It just goes on lips and hydrates them beautifully.Lips are softened and look plump and healthy.It stays on lips for a good three to four hours and the effects last much longer then the color.I had a bad case of chapped lips and one vicious crack was bleeding a bit too.However,after applying this gloss I woke up to a beautiful pout :) The cracks an flakes were all gone and my lips appeared healthy pink.

There is a very fine shimmer appreciable in the gloss too(See swatch), but it blends in and doesn't show up at all.(My favorite part)

The only downside for some girls would be pigmentation.Its very sheer and is not very good for covering two toned lips.However,I wear it over just a dash of lipstick to add some color.

I totally love this gloss to bits and will definitely repurchase it.This one is ideal for girls who love minimal makeup look.Those who are concerned about long term harmful effects of lipsticks etc will love it too.It is a good recommendation for girls who have issues of chapped lips and want their lip glosses to perform overall miracles.


Nice formula.

Not sticky at all

Excellent at hydrating lips

Heavenly scent.

Gives a plump pout.


Sheer pigmentation

 Grab one for yourself before this Valentine's Day girls.This gloss is a juicy treat in a tube and you would love the confidence that comes with it.

The Body Shop is launching a new fragrance by the name of RED MUSK.It is going to be a heady blend of Tobacco,cinnamon and pepper.Just the right blend to hit your hot spots this spring :) Watch this space for coverage of launch event and details.

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Stay tuned for more posts related to Valentine's day.Easy hair do tutorials,Easy red manicures and more this week for you.
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Stay pretty and blessed.


  1. This would make such a cute Vday gift! Especially for my teenage cousins! ^^ x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. Wow,, seems look promising, and best for little dolls <3
    Nice review, and yes me also excited for their new RED MUSK :)


  3. Replies
    1. You can always wear it over your lip pencil dear.

  4. Love your honest & informative review :) u got it in such a good bargain :) this looks so sheer so ill past through it.

  5. Such a nice sheer gloss. Wish it was more pigmented. Thanks for the honest review


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