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Today,I am doing a post on a very interesting topic.I love reading and trying stuff that promises radiance and even skin tone.However,the fact I paid very little attention to was that skin goes through so many changes with age.The time of twenties is a time of slow transition.Your skin adjusts to your environment.The hormone levels also settle down a bit and the crazy skin days of teenage are less frequent.Most of the girls understand their skin better by the time twenties hit.So,all in all its a period of relative stability.The strong oil control formulas and super mattifying powders don't give the same perfect results as before.Reason is that skin is not as oily as it used to be.Subjecting it to harsh treatments will only result in dullness.I was not very attuned to these fine points,but now that my twenties are almost ending(sadly) my experiences can help so many girls who are having a hard time finding effective skincare regimen.So, today I am going to list a few steps and products which, if integrated in skin care regime, will go a long way in giving a glow and radiance.

These suggestions are for girls who do not have major skin issues.However,for skin problems like acne and pigmentation I have mentioned relevant products and treatments in the second part of this post(click here)


This part of skin care routine remains as important as ever. In fact given the fact that we start using makeup more often cleansing assumes a major rule in skincare.So this divides the routine in daily cleansing and Deep cleansing.

For routine cleansing my most trusted face washes till date are only two:

1)-Neutrogena Deep Clean Face wash(For normal to oily skin)

2)-Neutrogena Acne Cleanser(For oily skin)

3)-Cetaphil gentle Face wash(For normal to oily skin)

As for girls with dry skin:

1)-Dove facial bar

2)-Face Wash (For dry to normal skin)


Deep cleansing is imperative when you wear makeup.If you do not wear a lot of makeup deep cleansing at least twice weekly is a must.

1)-Nivea Visage cleansing milk(Review)

2)-Bioderma Sensibio Micelle water(Review)

3)-Clarisonic Mia

I love my mia(Read review) and use it daily.Nothing can beat the softness and glow it gives.It improves the performance of every product you use.


Using a night cream is not on the top priority of most girls especially the young ones,but in the twenties it become important.Try a few brands and formulas.Pick the one with least chemicals and best results.The Body Shop has some very amazing night creams.

Other options are Origins and Philosophy.Go for words like hydrating and deep moisturizing.Your skin needs the love of a hydration.If you pay attention now you will be happier in your thirties.

KORRES,Clarins and Oriflame have some great VEGAN night cream options.My personal favorites from Oriflame are Optimals night white cream, Pomegranate night cream and the aloe cream. 

A very affordable yet effective night cream is by St Ives.If you just want a little even skin tone and moisturizer you will love it:(Review)


Using a sunscreen is a must if you have to outdoors a lot.Below are some recommendations.These are moisturizers with appropriate level of SPF.The best thing is that they are good for acne prone skin. 

Below are two I have used and love.




Drinking 12-16 glass of water per day is a must if you want your skin to look good and glowing.

This post is going to be a very long one so I have split it in parts.This was part one.For part 2 click here.I will discuss nightly skin treatments,serums and weekly treatments (skin peels,facials,masks etc).

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  1. I'm 18 and I'm glad you did this post. Nicely written and very informative plus helpful. Btw I've great things about the Cetaphil Cleanser. Would it be available in Al Fatah?

    1. I have no idea dear.Try Iram Lilani she will bring it to you in reasonable price.Thankyou for liking my post

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  2. Very helpful post indeed. I am also currently using bio derma and nivea cleanser and love both of these. Nice post :)

    1. Thankyou Huda.Stay tuned for next part :)

  3. Fabulous post. I really need to add a separate SPF to my routine so this reminded me to do so.

    I've followed your blog via bloglovin and I'm looking forward to your future posts.

    Laura from xxx

  4. Really helpful post! love it! xx

  5. Much needed post dear .. do recommend something for dark circles ... love you for this awesome post and waiting for Part 2 :)


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