Tarte Tarte Tarte how I love thee.I mean who doesn't.Tarte is one of the few high end brands which have a line of vegan products.It is also very skin friendly and harmful chemical free brand for most part.Hence I love it ^_^ Recently I tried the "BB Tinted Treatment Primer by Tarte".I liked the fact that it had SPF,was a primer and a moisturizer too.Obviously I got it **serious look**

I have used the Tarte Amazonian clay 12 hour foundation.Here is how it worked for me.My experience also made me eager for this one.Read on to know how I liked it...

It is available in three shades.Price is 35$.It is available in delux too price 10$.I got it for PKR1700.

There are five shades available at the moment:Fair,Light, medium,medium tan,deep tan.I got it in shade Light.(I am NC25 in M

It comes in the classic Tarte packaging;a squeegee tube and a dark colored cap.The packaging is just fine,nothing worth discussion.

The consistency is creamy like a BB cream.It spreads very easily and has a very soft texture.It has a satin feel to it.This might be due to high amount of silicones in this product.After application and blending it settles into a demi matte finish with a slight powdery feel.It is only during application and blending that you realize how primer-like it actually is.

It goes by the name of tinted primer so I was expecting a tinted moisturizer like pigmentation.However to my utter amazement it was packed with pigment much like a bb cream.(See swatches above).It gives a sheer level of coverage as well so that you need less layering of your foundation.The concept is beautiful ^_^

It sinks in and literally makes your second skin.It is very light and my skin likes it a lot.

Now the has pink undertones(See comparison swatch of Tarte amazonian clay and Tarte primer.Foundation is so yellow toned).This means that girls like me with yellow undertones can not use it.It will always either be a little light or a little dark.It makes my face a little pinkish and dark after an hour or so.It oxidizes on me.Oh dear Lord, how I hate it.I went for the shade "light" thinking that it would match me perfectly, but sadly it was a bit dark.If you look at the swatches you might not agree, but hear me out.It has high SPF.So,... it shows up whiter/lighter in photos then it actually is.In the photos it looks like a great match, but in reality it looks pink and dark.It has other shades too,you can check out on the website and maybe you will be lucky enough to get a suitable one out of the five available shades **fingers crossed**

The stay time....not good.It was not a good primer for me.While wearing it as a bb cream (without a foundation on top) I become oily in three hours maximum.When I wear it under my foundation it reduces the stay time of even my MAC Pro Longwear foundation by a good 3 hours.My usually evened out foundation starts looking patchy by 6 hours of wear.There are patches of oil on T zone.All of this has happened in winters so you can well imagine how "useful" it will be for me in summers.

I think girls with normal skin type will like it a lot but its not something for the people with oily skin.

Below is how it looks on me:

All in all it was a good effort by Tarte.I hope they improve the formula soon and make it more friendly for oily skin.As Tarte has the tradition of revising shades and introducing new formulas I have high hopes for this multipurpose product.


1)-Multipurpose(Primer,tinted moisturizer,Sun protection)

2)-Smooth texture,satin finish.


4)-Gentle on skin.Improves texture of skin at the end of the day.

5)-Comes in deluxe size too.


1)-Limited shades(only 5)

2)-Pink under tones

3)-Costly for a primer

4)-Wear time is not very long


It deserved a 3 really, but 0.5 deducted for wasting my time :p

I hope this review was helpful for you.Which one is your HG primer?

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Stay blessed and pretty


  1. It was in my wish list, and i badly want it, but truly waiting for some reviews from Pakistan. I ve v oily skin, so i big NO from my side. Thank you honey you save my money :)


  2. Hello well you're right about hating the fact that it oxidizes, I too have pet hate with products that oxidize and yeah this primer does look like a BB. Lovely pictures. Btw I'm participating in your giveaway, I hope you got my entry with my page name "Ayesha Bblogger. I'm following you on Twitter, instagram, Google plus and bloglovin with my blog name "chaste and beautiful".

    1. I'm following you on Facebook too with my page name "Ayesha Bblogger".

    2. oh thankyou Chaste n beautifulYes i did receive entries of an Ayesha Bblogger but i thought it was another Ayesha.I am glad you clarified.Yeah sure you are in :)

  3. Hey Shehrzad!

    Thanks for reviewing this one in detail. I have been on the lookout for things which be my buddy in Summers. I'll have to delay trying this till next winters. How I love Tarte <3 <3

    1. I am glad you liked the review Bia.Try smashbox primer for summers

  4. Miss Pretty-Lips, please do some lip swatches for us :-3

    1. hehe i have shamelessly posted the photo with my chapped lips and I knew someone will notice

  5. Okay, not getting this after reading your review! Keep saving my bucks with your reviews please! ^_^

    1. haha i am so glad it served a noble cause

  6. I loved the concept of this, but obviously, the pink-undertone part is a downer! :-(

  7. This is costly for a primer and too bad if it has pink undertones. Thanks for the honest review

  8. Great review honey, I think I would need something with longer wear as I have very oily skin xxxx

  9. woww I was so looking for its review .. thanks once again dear for saving my money <3


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